Riding the Shark Tank Wave: How Yes Madam is Changing the Face of At-Home Salon Services

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Welcome to the exciting world of beauty and wellness, where innovation meets convenience. We are talking about Yes Madam, a revolutionary startup that is rewriting the rules of the industry.

This dynamic company has been on everyone’s lips since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank India, where it made quite a splash with its unique business model and vision for the future.

Yes Madam isn’t your average salon service; it’s a game-changer. With a strong emphasis on transparency, affordability, and quality, they are transforming at-home salon services, making them more accessible and enjoyable for customers across India.

This blog aims to take you on a journey into the heart of Yes Madam’s operations, exploring their mission, their strategy, and how they’re shaking up the world of at-home beauty services. Let’s dive in!

The Story of Yes Madam

Launched in 2016, Yes Madam is a pioneering startup that has been making waves in the beauty and wellness industry with its innovative tech-enabled platform. Founded by Aditya, Mayank, Akanksha, and Arpit, Yes Madam’s vision was to disrupt the traditional norms of salon services.

The founders were determined to provide premium salon services at customers’ doorsteps, making quality beauty and wellness treatments accessible and convenient. They achieved this by implementing a unique business model that focuses on affordability, transparency, and quality.

Yes Madam is currently operational in over 50 cities across India, providing their services to a growing customer base. The products they use are disposable and single-use, which ensures high standards of hygiene and safety.

Riding the Shark Tank Wave

Yes Madam experienced a transformative journey after its appearance on Shark Tank India. The company’s co-founder, Mayank Arya, described the experience as an ‘extraordinary ride’, which significantly boosted the company’s visibility and customer interest.

On the show, Yes Madam pitched their unique business model to a panel of high-profile investors. The team sought an investment of ₹1.5 crores in exchange for a 1.5 percent equity stake in their company.

After intense negotiations, they secured a deal from Sharks Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Ritesh Agarwal, and Vineeta Singh. The final agreement was for an investment of ₹1.5 crores for a 2 percent equity stake and a 2 percent royalty until the investment is recouped.

However, the company’s appearance on Shark Tank wasn’t just about gaining exposure and securing investments. It also allowed Yes Madam to showcase its commitment to empowering women and maintaining high hygiene standards in its at-home salon services.

Changing the Face of At-Home Salon Services

The beauty and wellness industry is witnessing a significant transformation with the advent of at-home salon services. This shift is largely driven by the ‘uberisation’ of beauty services, where companies like Yes Madam leverage technology to offer on-demand salon services at customers’ homes. This change caters to the increasing demand for convenience and personalized care in a familiar environment.

At-home beauty treatments provide the ability to schedule treatments at one’s convenience without leaving home. This provides a perfect blend of comfort and time efficiency. As lives become busier, such time-saving services gain more value.

Additionally, these services often provide better value than traditional salons by eliminating extra costs and offering competitive prices. The privacy offered by at-home services is another significant factor contributing to their popularity.

However, the success of an at-home salon business hinges on professionalism, punctuality, and high hygiene standards. Service providers must continuously update their skills to keep up with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Impact on Customers

Yes Madam’s appearance on Shark Tank India has significantly impacted customers. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality at-home salon services has resonated with many. The convenience, affordability, and quality of their services have been particularly appreciated by over a million customers.

The visibility gained from Shark Tank has not only increased customer interest but also strengthened their trust in Yes Madam’s services. This impact on customers is a testament to the company’s customer-centric approach and its dedication to maintaining high hygiene standards.

Current Offers and Discounts

Yes Madam is currently offering a series of discounts and special offers. These promotions form part of its strategy to attract new customers, reward existing ones, and expand its customer base while maintaining the quality of its at-home salon services.

The cost of their service starts at just ₹6 per minute, making luxury salon services truly affordable.

New customers can take advantage of a ‘First Service Discount’, allowing them to experience Yes Madam’s premium services at a reduced cost. Existing customers are not left out either; they can benefit from the ‘Referral Program’, earning credits whenever they refer friends and family to Yes Madam’s services.

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Yes Madam’s journey from a startup to a Shark Tank participant and now an industry disruptor is truly inspiring. They have successfully changed the face of at-home salon services, offering a unique blend of convenience, quality, transparency, and affordability. If you haven’t yet experienced their services, now is the perfect time!


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